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Dr. Nate Bearor

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • "Word's cannot express the gratitude we have for Dr. Nate. The 7 of us each have our own unique story of how he has helped us. From chronic issues such as scoliosis to acute issues like ear infections and sport injuries. We are so thankful for Dr. Nate and his staff, They have been a true blessing for our family, Keeping us fit, Healthy and helping us to TURN THE POWER ON!"
  • ""Chiropractic has changed my life to be without constant back pain. I feel so much better when I get my adjustments regularly and I am sick less. I am huge advocate for chiropractic. WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THE WELLNESS, YOU HAVE TO SHARE! of course i can't feel great without the help of my Dr. Nate Thank You!"
    Nikki Armstrong
  • "Frank first consulted Dr. Nate with complaints of irregular heartbeat. He had this condition for several months. This condition was keeping him awake at night due to the disturbing feeling of skipping heartbeats. He did go to his primary care physician who couldn't detect anything.
    Frank was doubtful that chiropractic care would help at first, but after a while, he said "the feeling of skipped beats is NOW UNDER CONTROL and now very rare. Back health is not something that should be taken for granted. Regular chiropractic adjustments are VERY important! Dr. Nate is a highly competent doctor and the staff is very friendly. My whole family sees Dr. Nate for wellness.""
    Frank Pellizzi
  • "Chiropractic is not just about healing back pain, it's about healing the entire body through natural means. I have suffered with severe allergies for years. I've had 4 shots a week for 18 months and saw little improvement. Having followed a regular chiropractic routine this year, my allergy season was cut from io weeks to 4 weeks. My medication was also reduced 5o%. Chiropractic works!"
  • "Since starting chiropractic care the whole family has become so much healthier. The kids haven't seen their pediatrician in years! When feeling a bit under the weather, all 3 kids ask to come see Dr. Nate. They know it works!"
    Amason Family
  • "I came to see Dr. Nate several years ago. I could hardly walk! After only a couple of months of adjustments, I was walking straight and pain free! My back is better & I have not been sick since I began care. Now my 3 girls come too! It's been a God-send for my back! We love Dr. Nate!"
    Ashley McCarthy
  • "I have noticed that I don't get sinus and respiratory infections anymore. Also the rare times that I get sick, it is not as bad and recovery is much faster!"
  • "I have so many wonderful aspects of
    chiropractic adjustments with my family. Years
    of sitting behind a computer had done its
    damage causing headaches are bad posture.
    Chiropractic adjustments have helped
    tremendously. My girls are healthier with
    fewer sick days despite the fact that they are in
  • "Chris acne to Dr. Nate with complaints of food hung in his esophagus, along
    with back and neck pain after an auto accident. He was at the point he could not
    eat or drink for 3 days. He would have routine issues with eating at least 2-4 times
    per week. He did try a gastrointestinal doctor with no results, and they
    recommended surgery. He was so upset by the news he began to pray. llohn 5:14
    says; 'This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything
    gortrahisim11, He hears us."
    Chirs Brock
  • "Pretty simple really...
    *No more morning backaches.
    *No more aching joints.
    *Fewer colds & viruses. Just generally feel better all the time. Makes driving long distances much easier with much less back pain. We can work in the yard longer - What Fun!! Dr. Nate is great!"
  • "For 18 years our family of 6 (7 including our dog) have been enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Nate knows just how to care for us so we can enjoy an active lifestyle as a family. We appreciate being greeted with love by Janet & Heather!"
    Guterman Family
  • "Dr. Nate has helped us stay healthy. I used to get sick almost every month. With the help of regular adjustments, now I hardly ever get a cold. My son has been coming here since he was i year old and he loves to get adjusted!"
  • "In 2009, due to severe back pain which
    almost paralyzed me, I was told to have
    back surgery immediately. Someone
    referred me to Dr. Nate and with his magic
    touch, I was pain free! After many years, I
    am still pain free and that's why I feel
    chiropractic care has changed my life.
    Thank you Dr. Nate and your great &
    friendly team!"
  • "Ten years seems like a long time to go to the chiropractor but I've never felt better. I just had a physical and everything was great. I call Dr. Nate my life savior. Weekly adjustments have kept me strong and healthy!"
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Nate for several years now. With a family history of chronic pain problems. scollosis, and spinal degeneration. I saw firsthand the negative results of pain medications and invasive surgeries. Being somewhat of a skeptic of chiropractic care, a close friend finally convinced me to try an alternate route to treat my back problems with chiropractic, and hopefully avoid what my future undoubtedly held. Within the first 6 months I could see the changes in my posture, experienced less and less leg cramping, numbness in my fingers, neck pain, back spasms, foot cramps, headaches and a big surprise...sinus problems! I couldn't be happier with the remits achieved with Dr. Nate and look forward to many more years. He has certainly given me a much brighter future!! The office staff always makes you feel more like family than patient. they are genuinely kind and caring. Great involvement in the community and activities for children!"
  • "Dr. Nate is by far the best chiropractor that I have seen (and I've been to quite a few!). He has kept my son healthy and has improved my husband's shoulder & low back issues. Dr. Nate truly cares about the entire family. He even adjusted my Great Dane, extending her life almost a year longer than the vet gave her. Words cannot express my gratitude toward the Bearor Family Chiropractic clinic!"
  • "I'm so thankful for chiropractic adjustments & Dr. Nate's advice that a mattress is the most important piece of furniture you can buy. I no longer wake up stiff & in pain. What a blessing! I'm also a believer in Dr. Nate's stretches & exercises. We have all been healthier with Dr. Nate's help!"